Entirely open to the exterior, the NC concept incorporates the very latest innovations to improve quality of life on board and distribution of space. With elegant lines and a contemporary design, the NC offers a new vision of the inboard family powerboat, from 9 to 14 metres, one that is both secure and stylish.
NC 11

Comfort and aesthetics
• Copilot bench seating in the deck saloon
• Recessed side deck services the modular cockpit and the helm station
• 2 very beautiful cabins with head and separate shower compartments
• 2 large storage lockers
• Planing hull and twin engine with Z-drive (joystick)

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NC 14

Elegance and pure lines
• Vast modular interior living spaces
• Recessed side deck services the modular cockpit and helm station
• Luxurious interior decor
• 2 comfortable cabins with head and shower compartments
• Very large storage locker
• Innovative hull design with IPS POD transmission (joystick)

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NC 33

• Balanced distribution of space
• 2 large double berths
• A head with separate shower compartment

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NC 9

The Hallmark of NC line”Saloon entirely open to the exterior 
• Recessed sidedeck services the modular cockpit and helm station
• 2 comfortable private cabins with double berths, one of which features an “Island bed” (central berth), and sea views
• Bilge storage, a true signature of the NC line
• Efficient hull that is also very stable at anchor

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