Jeanneau announces industry leading extended warranty period

As of September 1 2018, Jeanneau and Prestige are proud to offer their customers a new extended international warranty.

Jeanneau and Prestige want to lead the way, driven by the need to give their customers more peace of mind. The general warranty, which was for 2 years up until now, is now longer and better for all boats handed over from September 1, 2018. It is applicable to all Jeanneau and Prestige boats. Whereverowners might be boating, they can now benefit from this worldwide coverage through our international dealer network.


  1. Boats manufactured by the Jeanneau shipyard are built according to the highest standards. Confident in their expertise, Jeanneau and Prestige are able to offer this new warranty.
  2. This warranty is international and each owner benefits from the Jeanneau and Prestige dealer network. With 350 dealerships in 60 countries, warranty work can be performed anywhere in the world.
  1. The 7-5-3 warranty is transferable to future owners. Upon resale, a Jeanneau or Prestige boat will still benefit from its warranty if it is still applicable.
  2. Periodic inspections required will reduce the overall cost of maintenance. The resale value of the boat will be higher, as a result of these regular inspections.

*These warranties are valid for new boats, starting on the date of handover, and subject to annual care and maintenance of the boat as well as appropriate hull protection conducted by an authorized Jeanneau or Prestige dealer. In order to be approved, each claim will be subject to review by a dealer and technical support services from the shipyard. More details about these warranties are available through our dealership network.